My main aim is for you to love your wedding day, if that happens, my job is easy. Photography shouldn’t get in the way, it should be a brilliant addition to an already amazing day. I believe wedding photography should be a beautiful record of your day, capturing the images that will make you feel something every time you look at them. My images have a style, I wouldn’t know how to name it, I am just there to capture the emotions, the fun and the excitement. DanVernonWeddings

On your wedding day, I will be where I need to be, most of the shots I take you won’t notice at the time, but they will make you smile when you see them. I will be in the background but also help along the way, when you need a moment, when you need a hand, when you need a drink. I am passionate about photography, I truly love weddings and everything around them, I want to hear about yours and I want to be a little part of it, I want to create something for you to remember how special it was, all the bits you remember and all the bits you never saw.

If you like the images I take, then I am sure we will get on, please get in touch, feel free to ask anything you like and tell me about the plans for the best day of your life.